SoliMould Quad

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Introducing the new SoliMould Quad

The difference between these moulds and others really is Black and White.

Milled from solid HDPE blocks means no seams or joints that can leak, they are hard-wearing and will not deteriorate from multiple uses with resin.

Each cavity is 20x20x150mm with a slight taper to the sides meaning they are slightly less at the bottom of mould cavity. 

The Quad now comes with a set of 4 large and 4 small bungs to allow for tube in casting. These bungs will allow for a range of kits from slimline up to most 2 part cap tubes (max 14mm). With 4 cavities this means you can cast for 2 complete 2 part kits or 4 single barrel kits. If you wish it is also possible to cast  pen blanks and tube in casts in the same mould. Because of the length of cavity in the SoliMould even razor handles and long tube pen kits are easily accommodated. 

These come with bungs fitted to the bottom to allow de-moulding using an air blower, or alternatively a light tap with a punch through the hole.
We use a dead blow hammer on the back of our moulds to release blanks and this works very well.

The new SoliMould stack parts allow the SoliMould range to be stacked in a tower formation. This removes the need of pressure pot caddys and helps to save space in the pressure pot. 

It is advised that a release agent is used with this product to ease in de-moulding procedure, a silicone spray can be found on our website.

Below is a video review on the Solimould....

The cavity of the SoliMould is plain bottomed. This can be marked with your company name if you sell blanks. This is handy for people to know exactly where they bought the blank when they want to re-order. The SoliMould brand name is not engraved in the cavities this was only done on the early sample moulds sent to demonstrators.